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Corporate Travel Booking, Hotel Reservations

How Arrow Lift simplified hotel bookings for travellers

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Posted: 10 March 2021
Corporate Hotel Booking With Egencia

Making hotel reservations is one of the most common travel needs for businesses.

What’s the easiest way for a small to medium sized business to make hassle-free hotel reservations for employee travel?

It’s a question often asked by Egencia customers. In this customer story, we’ll explore how one small business makes all of their hotel reservations.

Overview: From Zero to All Hotel Reservations through Egencia

Arrow Lift is a family owned and operated business that provides accessibility lifts and home elevator solutions to minimise the impact of mobility challenges.

With locations ranging from a Minnesota-based headquarters to offices in California and Ohio, Arrow Lift engages in frequent business travel for technicians servicing stair lifts, home elevators, and commercial access solutions.

With a need for overnight travel, Arrow Lift required an easy booking solution to make hotel reservations for technicians on the go.

Challenges: Why Making Hotel Reservations Is Hard

When the responsibility of making hotel reservations is done internally, there’s a few things that add to the complexity of travel logistics.

For example, universal accessibility of itineraries, receipts, cancellations, and exchanges in one place is something that Arrow Lift’s on-the-go technicians needed. At the home office, viewing booking options and hotel rates with personalised searches, easy filtering, and a clear display of available amenities could reduce the travel planning stress when navigating options in a city.

Oftentimes, businesses don’t have the luxury of having all of those features in one booking tool or platform or tool. This was the challenge that faced Arrow Lift as they considered how to best make hotel reservations for travelling technicians.

Solution: Egencia App

The Egencia app untethers travel management to keep business trip planning on track for travel managers and business travellers.

With an easy-to-use interface, the Egencia app provides companies with booking options on hotels while providing universal accessibility through wearables like the Apple Watch and smartphones with access to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Result: Quick & Easy Trip Approvals

For Arrow Lift, adopting the Egencia app made the business travel experience easier in several ways.

Some of those benefits included:

  • Booking, arranging, and modifying travel from anywhere
  • Personalising business travel from in the field smartphones
  • Staying on track and in touch in the field
  • Minimising disruption and distractions with a simple booking process
  • Personalised assistance whenever needed
  • Cost saving opportunities

“All hotel reservations for our technicians are made through the Egencia app,” says Pete Newstrom, VP of Finance for Arrow Lift, a stair lift and home elevator company. “The app works well for our company, and enables us to stay connected throughout the trip. We’re happy with Egencia.”

Learn more about the Egencia app by reading about five ways the app makes business travel easier. Or request a demo to learn about the benefits for your company.

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