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Business Travel Policy and Travel Compliance Made Easy

Business Travel Policy and Travel Compliance Made Easy
Business Travel Policy and Travel Compliance Made Easy

Play nice with your travel policy

Smart decision making and savings driven by intuitive travel policy management tools

Easy, fast and empowering to use

Egencia makes it easy for your business travellers to make in-policy bookings, with an intuitive platform that consistently applies your business travel policy and approval process.

When your business travel policy is built into your travel management solution, business travellers are guided to options that match their profile, no matter how they choose to book.

  • Guide travellers to in-policy booking every time, wherever they are, across every device.
  • Visual, customisable cues including urgency messaging, red flags and preferred and negotiated rates.
  • Easily adapt travel policy and approval for high-risk travel destinations. Optimise quickly by rolling out changes and revisions that are immediately reflected across your travellers’ booking experience to keep your travellers and your travel programme’s performance top-notch.

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Travel Policy Visual Guilt On Hotel Shopping

Real-time, dynamic savings

Average savings of $20 per hotel booking. Save time and money with dynamic hotel rate caps.

Trip Approval Request Email On Mobile App

Adaptability and flexibility

Each business is unique. That’s why Egencia makes it easy for customers to configure as many, or as few, policy and approval workflows to suit your business needs.

The first step to travel compliance is making sure that your travel policy can account for all traveller needs—and yours—by using a flexible, adaptable platform.

  • Create unlimited travel policy groups. Define separate policy requirements for road warriors, occasional travellers, guests, executives and everyone in between.
  • Comprehensive trip approval features — from line manager, all the way through to multi-level approval workflows.
  • Give approvers the information they need upfront to make informed decisions.

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Latest travel policy insights

Strike the right balance in your travel policy to drive savings, manage risk and achieve compliance.

Drive travel savings and monitor trends with total visibility

While your travellers will be happy with the ease of booking, you’ll benefit from savings through increased travel compliance.

Egencia provides companies with the tools they need to control leakage, gain visibility into employee booking behaviour and tweak policies with evolving trends.

With one centralised platform for travel bookings and policy management, you can see the full impact of your travel management programme and create a business travel policy that makes a positive difference.

  • Track and analyse employee booking behaviour and identify opportunities to improve compliance. When it’s easy for travellers to book through a travel management company (TMC) that also comes with a powerful reporting system, you get the full picture of your travel spend and can easily identify areas for optimisation.
  • Get instant access to reports that show you the full picture of your travel compliance across every travel type, regardless of how the trip was booked. At-a-glance dashboards and detailed drill-downs in Egencia Analytics Studio track compliance, savings and travel policy trends.
  • Account for unique circumstances with the ability to customise travel policy and approval criteria on an individual traveller level. Adjust policy and approval workflows immediately, across all booking channels.

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Analytics Studio Travel Policy Reporting Dashboard

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