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Traveller Tracker, Travel Management Tool Demo

Egencia traveller tracker demo

1 min
Posted: 27 October 2020
Traveler Tracker Demo

Any company preparing to return to travel or that has employees travelling for business right now should have the best business travel management tools, especially when it comes to duty of care.

Egencia’s suite of travel risk management features and functionality enhance traveller experience and aid with duty of care obligations.

Sara Martinez, Platform Solution Specialist Manager at Egencia, will demonstrate how you can use the Egencia Traveller Tracker to:

  • use the tracking map to view a list of travellers based on their travel itinerary data.
  • create personalized reports to identify potentially impacted travellers. 
  • identify potentially impacted corporate travellers and contact them via email and push messaging.
  • view messages sent from Traveller Tracker and user read receipts to validate the transfer of information and support due diligence.
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Download the Egencia Traveler Tracker demo: