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Business Travel Safety Checklist: Managing Business Travel in 2020

Managing business travel safety: The checklist

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Posted: 12 March 2020

Whatever the size and nature of your organisation, business travel safety is paramount. With the COVID-19 global health crisis affecting business travellers and the travel sector overall, it’s never been more important to be prepared. Working with a travel management company (TMC) who has both the technology and offline support to help you manage your business travel risks and traveller safety is critical. From taking decisions on — and instantly implementing and rolling out — new policy to communicating fast and urgent alerts to your business travellers, there are a vast number of ways you could be supporting your employees’ safety on the road with the right TMC. Tick your way through the business travel safety checklist to assess if your current TMC or in-house programme is helping you provide the best possible duty of care to your travellers and helping your business to:

  • Plan ahead to manage travel risks
  • Update policy to promote business-wide safety decisions
  • Improve safety with leading risk management specialists
  • Share urgent communications
  • Locate your travellers in an emergency
  • Provide your travellers with expert, human customer service
  • Mitigate risk with insurance partners

Before Egencia, NTT Singapore found it challenging to manage their travellers’ safety. “In the past, we felt the pain of not being able to keep track of our people. Thanks to Egencia, we know where people are scheduled to be. And because everyone has to book through the platform, we have their location with Egencia Traveller Tracker, which helps us plan for crisis management” — Tricia Lim, executive VP of the corporate planning division at NTT Singapore.

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