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Air-Rail Display For More Sustainable Travel Options

Egencia® introduces Air-Rail Display for more sustainable travel options

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Posted: 16 June 2021
Sustainable Travel

Egencia Air-Rail Display gives travellers and travel arrangers the ability to compare and select rail alternatives for the same air route to reduce the impact of carbon emissions produced by business travel.

Seattle, Wash., June 16, 2021 – Today, Egencia®  launches Egencia Air-Rail Display that enables travellers and travel arrangers to choose an alternative option to air for more sustainable and efficient travel. The new sustainability tool makes it easy for clients to upsell rail over air, helping the business travel industry to significantly reduce the impact of carbon emissions produced by air travel.

With climate change being a key priority for governments, businesses and travellers, Air-Rail Display will alert travellers and travel arrangers when a rail alternative is available for the same flight route. Providing a train option enables travellers and travel arrangers to create greener and more efficient journeys without extra time or cost. This will help organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, achieve their CO2 budget targets, and save time where it is faster to travel by rail than air.

“As corporate travel returns, it’s important that we support businesses and travellers to make more eco-conscious decisions. Egencia’s step to create a sustainability-focused tool providing a single solution to see alternative journeys that produce less carbon at no extra time or cost, helps support corporate sustainability targets and gives travellers the confidence they need to make the best travel choice for them,” said Sergio Fierens, Vice President, Technology at Egencia.

Egencia’s broader suite of sustainability features includes a carbon tracker in the booking and checkout path; electric transport options and charging point locations; a CO2 dashboard and reporting; bespoke consulting and carbon offset initiatives.

Egencia remains committed to helping customers meet their corporate sustainability goals with a platform that reduces their carbon footprint and gets travellers to embrace eco-friendly practices. For more information on Egencia’s suite of tools, please visit the company’s sustainability page.

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