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Plan ahead: Stretch your travel budget as travel resumes post-COVID-19

1 min
Posted: 15 June 2020Updated: 05 May 2022

As your business prepares for corporate travel post COVID-19, there’s no doubt that traveller safety and control over your spending is front of mind.

So why is travel spend so hard to control.  Because most CFO’s and Travel Managers can’t access all their travel data easily across multiple travel solutions.  If they do manage to scrape it together, they are typically looking at last quarters data rather than up-to-date reporting dashboards.

Spend decisions should be made in the present and this webinar will give you tips for stretching your budget as you begin to get your travellers back on the road again.

By attending you’ll learn: 

  • Why it’s important to choose TMC that gives your employees an exhaustive list of flights and hotels so that your employee’s can save when booking.
  • How to design a strong travel policy that’s part of the booking experience and encourages positive behaviour
  • How to get the reporting and analytics you’ve always wanted
  • Key areas to focus on when choosing a TMC
  • Which techniques and tools you can use to stretch your travel budget.


Christophe Etchegaray,  Head of Commercial Enablement at Egencia

Virginie Pouget, Head of Global Consulting at Egencia

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