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Video: Providing duty of care in business travel

1 min

As a business, your duty of care obligation has never been more important. With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak impacting organisations all over the world, businesses need to take action now to support their travellers’ safety in the fastest, most efficient way.

At Egencia, we take the provision of duty of care extremely seriously, and helping our customers support traveller safety is our top priority. Our technology, expertise, and exceptional customer service are each vital parts of the puzzle, ensuring businesses can:

  • Use reporting to inform risk management planning
  • Leverage policy as the business requires (e.g., switching off specific destinations)
  • Update travellers with urgent alerts 
  • Track their corporate travellers all over the world 
  • Speak to and let their travellers speak to an expert human, 24/7/365
  • Support on the ground and mitigate risk with specialist partners 

Watch the video to see our President, Rob Greyber, and Senior VP and chief technology officer, Alex Kaluzny speak about a few of the ways we support businesses to deliver duty of care — and read real examples from our customers.

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