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Travel Programme Cost Savings With Self-Service Business Travel


Saving with self-service business travel at Egencia

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The road back to business as usual in a post coronavirus (COVID-19) world may unclear, but what’s certain is that spend management is more crucial than ever. As you evaluate how to manage your current and future travel spend most effectively, it’s essential to partner with a travel management company (TMC) with technology that’s proven to save you time and money.

Egencia offers a corporate travel solution that provides self-service for travellers and travel managers. Whether a traveller makes a last-minute schedule change or a travel manager turns on approval requirements for high-risk destinations, the power to personalise and adapt when booking business travel is always available, on your phone or at your desk. Our technology provides convenience, improves the travel experience, and can deliver substantial savings.

Self-service travel booking saves time and money at NTT Singapore and Outreach

At Egencia, one of our goals is to offer travellers a consumer-like booking experience that’s easy to manage on an individual level. Our solution enables and empowers travellers to own the booking and modification process. Our customers have saved multiple hours — and fees — a week, simply by reducing the number of phone calls and intra-office coordination required to book travel.

“Before Egencia, employees had to make a request to a central admin team to book all flights and hotels. It took a lot of time, we didn’t have freedom of preference, and it cost a lot of money as people made fee-incurring changes last minute.”

Tricia Lim, EVP corporate planning division, NTT Singapore

If the experience is good, then self-service will ultimately lead to high adoption. High adoption then translatess to more savings because there’s less time spent managing back and forth during the booking process. With the ability to personalise travel options, work across devices, and change or cancel plans on the go, our customers consistently report that their travellers are simply more likely to use Egencia than go rogue.

My account executives want to make sure that they can open up an app, and everything’s going to be centralised. They can get the information they need, when they need it. We switched to Egencia because they just got rid of all the friction that was in the process and that was really important to us.”

Max Altschuler, VP marketing, Outreach

Saving money with online business travel booking at Tech Data and Nasdaq

The ability to book online means saving money in terms of spending less time on the booking process and finding the best rates. But in order for online booking to be successful, travellers need to have a tool they love.

“We love technology, we are a technology company. And if you ask yourself if you want to reach a customer service team, or do it directly on the phone with an app, we all would do it via an app.”

— Joan Santalo, team leader for EU travel, Tech Data

Beyond saving time by avoiding phone calls to an airline, hotel, and rental car company, our technology intelligently searches for lower prices in real-time even after booking travel. In other words, the online experience is saving you money even when you’re not actively using it. Customers have reported substantial savings in a short period of time after switching to online business travel management.

Six months after signing on with Egencia for their corporate travel management, Nasdaq realized savings of $500,000 (a 32 percent reduction).  It reduced the number of hours needed to manage the travel programme by 50 hours a week.

Nasdaq case study 

Easy, in-policy hotel bookings at Splunk and NTT Singapore

Our travel management solution and technology helps customers empower their business travellers to self-serve while also staying within the company’s travel policy, further reducing unnecessary costs and encouraging compliance with cost-saving decisions, like spend caps, and maximum fare classes. Travel managers have the power to make policy updates across the board, so travellers always have up-to-date information when booking.

The thing that I love the most about Egencia is the ability that I have within the tool — that I can make changes to policy on the fly, I can add profiles – so I love that I have the technology at my fingertips so that I’m not having to escalate that.”

— Joy Anzinger, senior manager, global travel, Splunk

Fortunately, staying in budget doesn’t mean that travellers have to forego the amenities that make their business trips more comfortable. Egencia Preferred Rates for hotels offers exclusive extras such as Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and flexible cancellations. End-to-end it’s a better experience — with more value — for everyone involved, and it helps businesses avoid incurring last-minute cancellation fees.

“The Egencia portal helps improve the experience for our travellers while at the same time helping us to monitor cost.”

— Raymond Thor, procurement manager, NTT Singapore

Download our essential checklist for business travel savings to see how our self-service business travel booking tools can help you manage your travel spend and save.

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