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Understanding Managed Business Travel

Understanding Managed Business Travel

Understanding Managed Business Travel

Most people understand business travel; business travel management, on the other hand, is less well understood.

What is business travel management?

Simply put, business travel management - also referred to as corporate travel management - is a strategic approach that businesses take to better understand their travel spending behavior, control expenses, and help ensure traveller safety. Though travel management programs vary from company to company, most typically include:

  • Travel policy - a guideline that communicates to travellers what travel options the company deems acceptable
  • Reporting and analysis - collecting and summarizing traveller booking data to understand both how travellers spend the company’s money, and the effectiveness of the company’s travel policy
  • Preferred rates - usually a direct agreement between a company and a travel provider (like an airline or hotel chain) for a specific discount based on volume or frequency of travel

Egencia provides both technology tools and professional travel insight and guidance that help companies achieve their travel management goals.

Egencia and Expedia - What Are the Differences?

Both Egencia and Expedia are based on industry-leading travel technology, both provide travelers with tools to arrange business travel, and both are backed by 24/7 customer service support, but most similarities end there. This table illustrates some of the key differences.




Is designed for travellers of all types.


Is designed specifically for business travellers.

Anyone can book travel on Expedia.


Only employees of companies with a contractual arrangement with Egencia can book travel.

There are no travel policy restrictions.


Company travel policy is communicated visually to travellers when they book online, and to customer service agents when travelers book via phone.

Individual itineraries are available, but there are no tools to combine or analyze booking data among different travellers in the company.


Extensive collection of booking data; available 24/7 through online reporting tools allowing analysis by traveller, traveller group or company-wide.

No support for company-negotiated fares or rates.


Full support for company-negotiated agreements.

No account management guidance or consulting.


Depending on service level, online, designated or dedicated account management support.


Is Business Travel Management Right for Our Company?

While there’s no hard and fast rules for what companies will benefit from managing business travel, in general, companies that spend more will see greater ROI. These profiles may help guide your decision.

Less than 12 travellers | Less than $100,000 a year in airfare

Your travel program typically serves a small number of road warriors. You're serious about business travel, but don't enforce a corporate travel policy. Your travellers want mileage plan support, but your company does not yet negotiate preferred contracts directly with travel vendors. Your company's travel needs are likely best served through Expedia.

Numerous travellers | More than $100,000 annual airfare | Need reporting & analytics

Your program supports a large number of travellers - even executive travellers that require VIP treatment. You need transparency and control over your travel spend, so reporting and policy tools are required. Your travel volume is large enough to allow you to negotiate preferred rates with air, hotel or car vendors, and you need those rates supported in your online booking environment. Your company could benefit from managing business travel with Egencia.

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